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Cuz's Fish Shack

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Try one of Cuz's signature "cutters" and your taste buds will never be the same. Bajan "cutters" are a salt-bread bun filled with egg, cheese, flying fish, pork, or ham and then cut in half. This popular little spot has been all the rage with media houses across the world, from The New York Times to The Daily Mail. It's a taste that guarantees satisfaction and will have you coming back for more at a very low price.

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  • Cuz's Fish Shack

    Best fish sandwich ever!!! Fish & cheese is amazing!!! Don't ever ask for a fish egg sandwich of you might get yelled at. It's just funny to watch when he gets busy. Been here for the last 2 1/2 weeks ate here for lunch 6 times

  • Cuz's Fish Shack

    No visit is complete without a visit to cuz's!! Fantastic fish cutters, always back for more!!

  • Cuz's Fish Shack

    Lanche de peixe nota 1000 ao lado do hotel.

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Cuz's Fish Shack
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