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Life didn’t begin in Barbados. It was just perfected here.

Everyday in Barbados is a celebration, with each Barbadian playing their part to perfection. You can see it in the smiles, hear it in the laughter and feel it in the music.

Barbados combines a unique blend of West African and Caribbean culture together with its elegant British heritage, giving it a flavor unlike any other destination.

Whether your desire is to plan a memorable family vacation, sportsman's escape, romantic getaway or business trip, Barbados offers a diverse and dynamic cross-section of things to do, places to be and wonders to enjoy.

In Barbados, nature abounds, and the opportunities to appreciate such treasures are plentiful. Inland, the lush mosaic of greenery consists of vibrant forests and fertile farmland. Our country’s mild, subtropical weather has nourished a fascinating array of flora and fauna, and nurtured lush gardens that are the most varied in the world. 

Barbados is the eastern most country in the Lesser Antilles chain. Formed from coral limestone, Barbados is 166 square miles, divided into 11 parishes. The island’s terrain is relatively flat, with gentle rolling hills. The highest point crests at Mount Hillaby, 1,116 feet above sea level. 

The western, southern and southeasterly shores of Barbados are rich with placid waters and flawless sands. The wind-swept eastern coastline greets the uneven temperament of the Atlantic with a stoic resolve, whilst the sheer coral and limestone cliffs of the island’s northern tip, stand guard against the advances of the oncoming surf.


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